art for Dummies

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expressive type, type - a means of expressing one thing (in language or art or songs and so on.) that is characteristic of a particular human being or team of folks or period of time; "every one of the reporters have been predicted to undertake the form of the newspaper"

an artwork movement in England in 1914-15 stimulated by Futurism and by the concept all creative creation must start out in a very condition of powerful emotion; its products, supposed to determine a kind characteristic of the economic age, are inclined to use angular, machinelike designs. — Vorticist, n.

aesthetics, esthetics - (artwork) the branch of philosophy addressing natural beauty and style (emphasizing the evaluative requirements which might be placed on art); "regular aesthetics assumed the existence of common and timeless conditions of artistic price"

three. (Art Phrases) imaginative talent as applied to representations with the all-natural earth or figments from the creativeness

arts and crafts - the arts of attractive design and style and handicraft; "they sponsored arts and crafts so as to inspire craftsmanship within an age of mass output"

a spontaneous, intuitive portray system producing nonformal operate characterised by sinuous lines. Also called Action Painting.

interpret, signify - develop an image or likeness of; "The painter represented his wife being a youthful Female"

vocabulary - the system of methods or symbols serving as a means of expression (as in arts or crafts); "he introduced a wide vocabulary of techniques"

1. a movement in painting worried about results of sunshine, Primarily the use of broken colour in its whole depth with a navigate here minimum of shadow results, used Particularly to several Impressionist and Pointillist artists.

one. an overemphasis on any distinct system of expression, occurring once the method of expression obscures the feeling or notion expressed during the do the job of artwork; considered by numerous art critics for being a sign of decadence. — mannerist, have a peek at this web-site n. — manneristic, adj.

art - a superior talent which you could study by review and exercise and observation; "the art of conversation"; "It truly is very this contact form an art"

art, fine artwork - the solutions of human creativeness; will work of art collectively; "an art check over here exhibition"; "a great collection of artwork"

creative generation, inventive Check This Out manufacturing, artwork - the generation of gorgeous or important things; "artwork would not need to be modern to generally be good"; "I was never ever any good at art"; "he mentioned that architecture would be the artwork of wasting Area superbly"

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